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Brass Quartet - Nothing But Valves - Wonderful transcriptions for 2 cornets, horn, and euphonium
Jazz Tuba CD: - Ray Draper, tuba - Nice selections and fine jazz playing.
Tuba CD: Gene Pokorny - Tuba Tracks - great music by a fantastic tubist.
Brass: Philip Jones - Greatest Hits of Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Brass Quintet - Empire Brass - Empire Brass On Broadway - CD has great mix of songs - terriric arrangements.
Christmas, Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire Christmas

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Today in Music: Birthday of pop singer Bobby Rydell (1942)

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Please check the about us >> news page for many updates. And visit our blog and our forum, which both discuss general tuba-euphonium issues. You can see the latest actions on the forum and the blog by visiting the "What's New?" page. The newest Blog entries (from all categories) are:

David Werden Publications authors have written or edited books for baritones & euphoniums, tubas, and other brass instruments. We also list music arrangements for brass and woodwind instruments, woodwind quintets, brass quintets, euphonium-tuba quartets, and saxophone quartet.

Great Listening - Recommended CD's
Kevin Thompson - Telemann Fantasias
(Euphonium Recording)
Mark Nelson - New England Reveries
(Tuba CD)
Kevin Thompson - Telemann Fantasias Unaccompanied fantasias (originally for flute), presented with beautiful musicality and smooth technique. Includes all 12 of the fantasias. Mark Nelson - New England Reveries A great collection of modern tuba music. Includes Fantasia Breve by Barton Cummings, Parable XXII by Vincent Persichetti, New England Reveries for Tuba and Synthesizer by Neal Corwell, Escher's Sketches by Walter Ross, and Sonata-Fantasia by Louis Calabro.

This site is intended to be a valuable resource for tuba and euphonium / baritone. You will find special articles for baritone / euphonium and tuba on this site that are not available anywhere else.

We also host other sites of interest to low brass players, including the official website for America's Premier Large Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, Symphonia (founded by R. Winston Morris) , and a site with helpful advice and examples on taking military band auditions.

If you find any problems on the site, please report them to the webmaster by using the contact form.