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Tuba Quartet CD: British Tuba Quartet - In At The Deep End - great mixture of euphonium-tuba quartet pieces
Euphonium CD: Steven Mead, Euphonium Magic 3 - Ranges from songs like Soldier's Chorus to Funk Theory
Tuba CD: Mark Nelson - New England Reveries, a great collection of modern tuba music.
Tuba Quartet CD: Tubadours - The Mighty Tubadours. How to have fun with a tuba quartet!
Tuba CD: Floyd Cooley - Schumann Fantasy - Cooley's beautiful sound and musicality are a perfect fit for Schumann
Tuba CD: John Stevens - Reverie - very relaxing album of tuba music.

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Today in Music: The Beatles release the album "Help" (1965)

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David Werden Publications authors have written or edited books for baritones & euphoniums, tubas, and other brass instruments. We also list music arrangements for brass and woodwind instruments, woodwind quintets, brass quintets, euphonium-tuba quartets, and saxophone quartet.

Great Listening - Recommended CD's
Brian Bowman - First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital
(Euphonium Recording)
John Williams Tuba Concerto
(Tuba with Orchestra)
Brian Bowman - First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital This is a reproduction recording of the program from the historic Carnegie Hall Recital that Brian Bowman performed nearly 4 decades ago. Pieces included are Capuzzi, Andante and Rondo; Frackenpohl, Sonata; Ross, Partita; Adler, Four Dialogs for Euphonium and Marimba; Boda, Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer; and Picchi, Fantasia Originale. Two pieces recorded in 2008, the remainder in the 1970's. John Williams Tuba Concerto Played by Marc Easener, with the Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Snell. Rare recording of the Williams Concerto.

This site is intended to be a valuable resource for tuba and euphonium / baritone. You will find special articles for baritone / euphonium and tuba on this site that are not available anywhere else.

We also host other sites of interest to low brass players, including the official website for America's Premier Large Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, Symphonia (founded by R. Winston Morris) , and a site with helpful advice and examples on taking military band auditions.

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